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    New Non-Fiction Books February 2019

    Albom, Mitch.  Finding Chika: a little girl, an earthquake, and the making of a family.  (B Jeune, C.) 

    Amen, Daniel.  Change your brain, change your body.  Revised ed.  (616.89 Amen) 

    Anshel, Jeffrey.  What you must know about dry eye.  (617.7 Anshel, J.) 

    Anthony, Lawrence.  The elephant whisperer: my life with the herd in the African wild.  (599.67 Anthony, L.) 

    Bacchilega, Christina.  The Penguin book of mermaids.  (398.21 Penguin) 

    Baker, Christopher.  Eyewitness travel guides: Caribbean.  (917.29 Baker, C.) 

    Bensur, Paul.  Autistic spectrum disorder: a new outlook.  (618.928 Bensur, P.) 

    Browne, Jennifer.  Understanding teenage anxiety: a parenting guide to combat your teen’s chronic anxiety.  (616.8522 Browne, J.) 

    Byrn, Anne.  Skillet love: from steak to cake: more than 150 recipes in one cast iron pan.  (641.77 Byrn, A.) 

    Cahalan, Susannah.  The great pretender: the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madness.  (616.89 Cahalan, S.) 

    Cobbs, Elizabeth.  The hello girls: America’s first women soldiers.  (940.41 Cobb, E.) 

    Colman, Penny.  The vote: women’s fierce fight.  (324.3 Colman, P.) 

    Conforth, Bruce.  Up jumped the devil: the real life of Robert Johnson.  (B Johnson) 

    Dimitrov, Alex.  Astro poets: your guides to the zodiac.  (133.5 Dimitrov, A.) 

    Druse, Ken.  The scentual garden: exploring the world of botanical fragrance. (635.968 Druse, K.) 

    DuBoff, Leonard.  The law (in plain English) for nonprofit organizations.  (346.73 DuBoff, L.) 

    Farrow, Ronan.  Catch and kill: lies, spies, and a conspiracy to protect predators. (331.41 Farrow, R.) 

    George-Warren, Holly.  Janis: her life and music.  (B Joplin, J.) 

    Hall, Julie.  The narcissist in your life: recognizing the patterns and learning to break free.  (616.8585 Hall, J.) 

    Heath, Julian.  Exploring Megalithic Europe: amazing sites to see for yourself.  (936 Heath, J.) 

    Helwig, Jenna.  The multi-cooker baby food cookbook.  (641.5622 Helwig, J.) 

    Hoffman, Brian.  The cookie collection: artisan baking for the cookie enthusiast.  (641.8654 Hoffman, B.) 

    Irwin, Barbara.  NCLEX-PN prep plus 2019.  (610.73 Irwin, B.) 

    Irwin, Barbara.  NCLEX-RN 2019: practice test and proven strategies.  (610.73 Irwin, B.) 

    Iyer, Pico.  A beginner’s guide to Japan: observations and provocations.  (952.05 Iyer, P.) 

    Jones, Marie.  Celebrity ghosts and notorious hauntings.  (133.1 Jones, M.) 

    Joy, Kathy.  Breath of joy: singing spring.  (508.2 Joy, K.) 

    Kilmeade, Brian.  Sam Houston and the Alamo avengers: the Texas victory that changed American history.  (976.4 Kilmeade, B.) 

    Kisor, Henry.  Traveling with service animals: by air, road, rail, and ship across North America.  (362.4 Kisor, H.) 

    Koones, Sheri.  Downsize: living large in a small house.  (728.37 Koones, S.) 

    Krannich, Ronald.  Job interviewing tips for overcoming red flags: winning strategies, examples, and short stories for people with no-so-hot backgrounds.  (650.14 Krannich, R.)

     Lacey, Robert.  The crown: the official companion, volumes 1 and 2.  (791.457 Lacey, R.) 

    Lee-Mader, Eric.  100 plants to feed the bees: provide a healthy habitat to help pollinators thrive.  (571.864 Lee, E.) 

    Lowenfels, Jeff.  Teaming with fungi: the organic grower’s guide to mycorrhizae. (631.4 Lowenfels, J.) 

    Lowenfels, Jeff.  Teaming with nutrients: the organic gardener’s guide to optimizing plant nutrition.  (575.7 Lowenfels, J.) 

    Mannarino, Melanie.  The best gender-neutral baby name book.  (929.7 Mannarino) 

    Marrone, Teresa.  The beginner’s guide to dehydrating food.  2nd ed.  (641.44 Marrone, T.) 

    McPherson, Don.  You throw like a girl: the blind spot of masculinity.  (155.332 McPherson, D.) 

    Miller, Chanel.  Know my name: a memoir.  (364.1532 Miller, C.) 

    Odell, Jenny.  How to do nothing: resisting the attention economy.  (303.48 Odell.) 

    Odyr.  George Orwell’s Animal farm: the graphic novel.  (741.59 Odyr) 

    Paul, Pamela.  How to raise a reader: fostering a love of books, from birth to teens. (649.58 Paul, P.) 

    Peculiar questions and practical answers: a little book of whimsy and wisdom from the files of the New York Public Library.  (031.02 Peculiar) 

    Phelps-Roper, Megan.  Unfollow: a memoir of loving and leaving the Westboro Baptist Church.  (B Phelps, M.) 

    Pollack, Andrew.  Why Meadow died: the people and policies that created the Parkland shooter and endanger America’s students.  (371.7 Pollack, A.) 

    Richo, David.  Triggers: how we can stop reacting and start healing.  (155.9 Richo) 

    Rombauer, Irma.  Joy of cooking.  New revised ed.  (641.5973 Joy) 

    Rosenfield, Stephen.  Mastering stand up: the complete guide to becoming a successful comedian.  (792.7 Rosenfield, S.) 

    Santoro, Frank.  Pittsburgh.  (741.5973 Santoro, F.) 

    Sherman, Aliza.  Cannabis and CBD for health and wellness: an essential guide. (615.7827 Sherman, A.) 

    Shoup, Kate.  Starting an Etsy business for dummies.  3rd ed.  (745.506 Shoup, K.) 

    Simon, Carly.  Touched by the sun: my friendship with Jackie.  (B Simon, C.) 

    Symington, Andy.  Lonely Planet cruise ports: European rivers: a guide to perfect days ashore.  (914 Symington, A.) 

    Taddeo, Lisa.  Three women.  (306.708 Taddeo, L.)