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    New Non-Fiction Books May 2019

    Brown, Lolly.  Canaries as pets: the ultimate canary guide.  (636.68 Brown, L.) 

    Keefe, Patrick.  Say nothing: a true story of murder and memory in Northern Ireland.  (364.1523 Keefe, P.) 

    Quindlen, Anna.  Nanaville: adventures in grandparenting.  (B Quindlen, A.) 

    Sacks, Oliver.  Everything in its place: first loves and last tales.  (B Sacks, O.)

    Thibault, Jane.  No act of love is ever wasted: the spirituality of caring for persons with dementia.  (259.4 Thibault, J.)

    Wilson-Lee, Edward.  The catalogue of shipwrecked books:  Christopher Columbus, his son, and the quest to build the world’s greatest library.  (B Colon, F.) 

    Yeoman, R.S.  Guide book of United States coins.  73rd ed.  (737.4 Yeoman, R.)


    New Non-Fiction Books February 2019

    Baard, Nellianna.  Better living through origami: 20 creative paper projects for a beautiful home.  (745.54 Baard, N.) 

    Better Homes and Gardens.  Fast or slow: delicious meals for slow cookers, pressure cookers, or multi cookers.  (641.5884 Better) 

    Bloom, Jessi.  Creating sanctuary: sacred garden spaces, plant based medicine, and daily practices to achieve happiness and well being.  (635.9 Bloom, J.) 

    Byrn, Anne.  American cookie: the snaps, drops, jumbles, tea cakes, bars and brownies that we have loved for generations.  (641.8654 Byrn, A.) 

    The classical music book: big ideas simply explained.  (781.68 Classical) 

    Coleman, Eliot.  The new organic grower: a master manual of tools and techniques for the home and market gardener.  3rd ed.  (635.04 Coleman, E.) 

    Cullen, Dave.  Parkland.  (371.7 Cullen, D.) 

    Davis, Bridgett.  The world according to Fannie Davis: my mother’s life in the Detroit numbers.  (B Davis, F.) 

    DeHart, Jane.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg: a life.  (B Ginsburg, R.) 

    DiAngelo, Robin.  White fragility: why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism.  (305.8 DiAngelo, R.)

    Dreyer, Benjamin.  Dreyer’s English: an utterly correct guide to clarity and style.  (808.02 Dreyer, B.) 

    Dunlop, Storm.  2019 guide to the night sky.  (523 Dunlop, S.)

    Fowler, Cary.  Seeds on ice: Svalbard and the Global Seed Vault.  (631.521 Fowler) 

    Gage, Eleni.  Lucky in love: traditions, customs and rituals to personalize your wedding.  (392.5 Gage, E.) 

    Hagerman, Margaret.  White kids: growing up with privilege in a racially divided America.  (305.235 Hagerman, M.) 

    Hensrud, Donald.  The Mayo Clinic diabetes diet.  2nd ed.  (641.56314 Hensrud, D.) 

    Herzog, Amy.  Amy Herzog’s ultimate sweater book: the essential guide for adventurous knitters.  (746.432 Herzog, A.) 

    Hyman, Frank.  Hentopia: create a hassle free habitat for happy chickens.  (686.5 Hyman, F.) 

    Krauthammer, Charles.  The point of it all: a lifetime of great loves and endeavors.  (814.54 Krauthammer, C.) 

    Land, Stephanie.  Maid: hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive.  (B Land, S.) 

    Lee, Barbara.  Finish strong: putting YOUR priorities first at life’s end.  (616.029 Lee, B.) 

    Lewis, Michael.  The fifth risk: undoing democracy.  (320.973 Lewis, M.) 

    Meltzer, Brad.  First conspiracy: the secret plot to kill George Washington.  (973.4 Meltzer, B.) 

    Marquez, Jessica.  Make and mend: sashiko inspired embroidery projects.  (746.44 Marquez, J.) 

    McNamee, Roger.  Zucked: waking up to the Facebook catastrophe.  (302.3 McNamee, R.) 

    Morgenstern, Julie.  Time to parent: organizing your life to bring out the best in your child and you.  (649.1 Morgenstern, J.) 

    Morris, Jan.  In my mind’s eye: a thought diary.  (B Morris, J.) 

    Oluo, Ijeoma.  So you want to talk about race.  (305.8 Oluo, I.) 

    Richardson, Sarah.  Copperplate calligraphy from A to Z.  (745.61 Richardson, S.) 

    Robb, Alice.  Why we dream: the transformational power of our nightly journey.  (612.821 Robb, A.) 

    Rodabaugh, Katrina.  Mending matters: stitch, patch and repair your favorite denim and more.  (646.6 Rodabaugh, K.) 

    Rusbridger, Alan.  Breaking news: the remaking of journalism, and why it matters now.  (070.92 Rusbridger, A.) 

    Smarsh, Sarah.  Heartland: a memoir of working hard and being broke in the richest country on earth.  (B Smarsh, S.) 

    Tourles, Stephanie.  Pure skin care: nourishing recipes for vibrant skin and natural beauty.  (646.72 Tourles, S.) 

    Wells, Katie.  The Wellness Mama 5-step lifestyle detox: the essential DIY guide to a healthier cleaner, all natural life.  (613 Wells, K.) 

    Wilson, Chris.  The master plan: my journey from life in prison to a life of purpose.  (B Wilson, C.)