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    New Non-Fiction Books June 2018

    Brill, Steven.  Tailspin:  The people and forces behind America’s fifty year fall –   and those fighting to reverse it.  (306.0993 Brill, S.)

    Brower, Kate.  First in line: Presidents, Vice Presidents, and the pursuit of power. (352.23 Brower, K.)

    Cameron-Bure, Candace.  Kind is the new classy: the power of living graciously. (241.4 Cameron, C.)

    Caputo, Theresa.  Good grief: heal your soul, honor your loved ones, and learn to live again. (155.937 Caputo, T.)

    Carroll, Leslie.  American princess: the live story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. (941.085 Carroll, L.)

    Grant, Andrew.  Rover.  (636.7 Grant, A.) 

    Griswold, Eliza.  Amity and Prosperity: a story of energy in two American towns. (363.73 Griswold, G.)

    Hurston, Zora Neale.  Barracoon: the story of the last “black cargo”.  (306.3 Hurston, Z.) 

    Kohn, Sally.  The opposite of hate: a field guide to repairing our humanity.  (152.4 Kohn, S.) 

    Lively, Penelope.  Life in the garden.  (824 lively, P.) 

    Marttila, Andrew.  Cats on catnip.  (636.8 Marttila, A.) 

    Marzano-Lesnevich, Alexandria.  The fact of a body: a murder and a memoir. (B Marzano, A.)

    Maslov, Sasha.  Veterans: faces of World War II.  (940.54 Maslov, S.) 

    McNamara, Eileen.  Eunice: the Kennedy who changed the world.  (B Shriver, E.) 

    Mulfinger, Dale.  The family cabin: inspiration for camps, cottages, and cabins.  (728.7 Mulfinger, D.) 

    O’Neill, John.  The fisherman’s tomb: the true story of the Vatican’s secret search(225.9 O’Neill, J.) 

    Schwenke, Chloe.  Self-ish: a transgender awakening.  (306.768 Schwenke, C.) 

    Shrager, Lynda.  Age in place: a guide to modifying, organizing, and decluttering Mom and

     Dad’s home.  (720.47 Shrager, L.) 

    Taste of Home annual recipes 2018.  (641.5973 Taste 2018) 

    Universe: exploring the astronomical world.  (523.1 Universe)


    New Non-Fiction Books May 2018

    The Bible book: big ideas explained.  (220.6 Bible)

    Bragg, Rick.  The best cook in the world: tales from my momma’s table.  (B Bragg, R.)

    Brusatte, Stephen.  Rise and fall of the dinosaurs: a new history of a lost world.  (567.9 Brusatte, S.)

    Chabon, Michael.  Pops: fatherhood in pieces.  (306.874 Chabon, M.)

    Cohen, Jay.  What you must know about the hidden dangers of antibiotics.  (615.329 Cohen, J.) 

    Comey, James.  A higher loyalty: truth, lies, and leadership.  (363.2509 Comey, J.) 

    Coyne, Matt.  Man vs. baby: the chaos and comedy of real life parenting.  (306.874 Coyne, M.) 

    Fallows, James.  Our towns: a 100,000 mile journey into the heart of America.  (306.0973 Fallows, J.) 

    Friedel, Robert.  Borderline personality disorder demystified: an essential guide for understanding and living with BPD.  (616.8585 Friedel, R.) 

    Fuse, Tomoko.  Tomoko Fuse’s origami boxes: beautiful paper gift boxes from Japan’s leading origami master.  (736.982 Fuse, T.) 

    Hartke, Austen.  Transforming: the Bible and the lives of transgender Christians.  (277.308 Hartke, A.) 

    Green, Alison.  Ask a manager: how to navigate clueless colleagues, lunch stealing bossesand the rest of your work life at work.  (650.13 Green, A.) 

    Hiaasen, Carl.  Assume the worst: the graduation speech you’ll never hear.  (817.6 Hiaasen, C.)

    How do I make…? A hands on guide to cook anything and everything you love, from Taste of Home.  (641.51 How) 

    Lamont, Ian.  Twitter in 30 minutes.  3rd edition.  (006.754 Lamont, I.) 

    Magnusson, Margareta.  The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning: how to free yourself and your family from a lifetime of clutter.  (648.5 Magnusson, M.) 

    Markley, Lisa.  The essential thyroid cookbook.  (641.5631 Markley, L.) 

    Medical symptoms, a visual guide: the easy way to identify medical problems.  (616.024 Medical) 

    Olsen, Christopher.  Lucy comes home.  (791.4509 Olsen, C.) 

    Pollan, Michael.  How to change your mind: what the new science of psychedelics teaches (615.788 Pollan, M.) 

    Reich, David.  Who we are and how we got here: ancient DNA and the new science of the human past.  (572.8 Reich, D.) 

    Roker, Al.  Ruthless tide: the tragic epic of the Johnstown Flood.  (974.877 Roker, A.) 

    Sedaris, David.  Calypso.  (814.54 Sedaris, D.) 

    Spence, Annie.  Dear Fahrenheit 451: love and heartbreak in the stacks.  (028.9 Spence, A.) 

    Stark, Peter.  Young Washington: how wilderness and war forged America’s founding father.  (B Washington, G.) 

    Theroux, Paul.  Figures in a landscape: people and places.  (814.54 Theroux, P.) 

    Winchester, Simon.  The perfectionists: how precision engineers created the modern world. (620 Winchester, S.)