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    New Non-Fiction Books October 2018

    Fodor’s essential England 2019.  (914.2 Fodor)

    Grylls, Bear.  How to stay alive: the ultimate survival guide for any situation.  (613.69 Grylls, B.)

    Hawking, Stephen.  Brief answers to the big questions.  (500 Hawking, S.)

    Hollis, Rachel.  Girl, wash your face: stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be.  (248.843 Hollis, R.)

    Kashner, Sam.  Fabulous Bouvier sisters: the tragic and glamorous lives of Jackie and Lee.  (973.9209 Kashner, S.)

    Lamott, Ann.  Almost everything: notes on hope.  (170.44 Lamott, A.)

    Meyer, Joyce.  Healing the soul of a woman: how to overcome your emotional wounds.  (248.842 Meyer, J.)

    Montgomery, Sy.  How to be a good creature: a memoir in thirteen animals

    (590 Montgomery, S.)

    Mustich, James.  1,000 books to read before you die: a life changing list.  (028 Mustich, J.)

    O’Reilly, Bill.  Killing the SS:  the hunt for the worst war criminals in history.  (940.5318 O’Reilly, B.)

    Orlean, Susan.  The library book.  (027.47 Orlean)

    O’Rourke, P.J.  None of my business: P.J. explains money, banking, debt, equity, assets, liabilities, and why he’s not rich and neither are you.  (332 O’Rourke, P.)

    Shapiro, Susan.  The byline bible: get published in five weeks.  (808.02 Shapiro, S.)

    Skaife, Christopher.  The Ravenmaster: my life with the ravens at the Tower of London.  (942.15 Skaife, C.)

    Witherspoon, Reese.  Whiskey in a teacup: what growing up in the south taught me about life, love, and baking biscuits.  (B Witherspoon, R.)

    Zemmelman, Mimi.  Building a parenting agreement that works: child custody agreements step by step.  9th edition.  (346.0173 Zemmelman, M.)


    New Non-Fiction Books September 2018

    Abrams, Dan.  Lincoln’s last trial: the murder case that propelled him to the presidency.  (973.7 Abrams, D.) 

    Brown, Craig.  Ninety-nine glimpses of Princess Margaret.  (B Margaret) 

    Davis, John.  Big, wild, and connected: scouting an eastern wildway from the Everglades to Quebec.  (508.4 David, J.) 

    Daskow, Emily.  Nolo’s essential guide to child custody and support.  4th ed.  (346.7301 Daskow, E.) 

    Daskow, Emily.  Nolo’s essential guide to divorce.  7th ed.  (346.7301 Daskow, E.) 

    Ellis, Jason.  The one week insomnia cure: learn to solve your sleep problems.  (612.821 Ellis, J.) 

    Esposito, John.  Shariah: what everyone needs to know.  (340.59 Esposito, J.) 

    Field, Sally.  In pieces.  (B Field, S.) 

    Fishman, Stephen.  Every Airbnb host’s tax guide.  2nd ed.  (343.7 Fishman, S.) 

    Gaines, Joanna.  Magnolia table: a collection of recipes for gathering.  (641.5975 Gaines, J.) 

    Goodwin, Doris Kearns.  Leadership: in turbulent times.  (973.099 Goodwin, D.) 

    Greenspan, Eric.  The great grilled cheese book: grownup recipes for a childhood classic.  (641.84 Greenspan, E.) 

    Guinness world records 2019.  (032 Guinness) 

    Jensen, Jamie.  DK Eyewitness travel guide: California.  (917.94 Jensen, J.)

    Kastor, Deena.  Let your mind run: a memoir of thinking my way to victory.  (796.4209 Kastor, D.) 

    King Maxwell.  The good neighbor: the life and work of Fred Rogers.  (B Rogers, F.) 

    Nieuwhof, Carey.  Didn’t see it coming: overcoming the 7 greatest challenges that no one expects and everyone experiences.  (248.86 Nieuwhof, C.) 

    Seegers, Doug.  Going down to the river: a homeless musician, an unforgettable song, and the miraculous encounter that changed a life.  (B Seegers, D.) 

    Shatner, William.  Live long and… what I learned along the way.  (B Shatner, W.) 

    Sundance, Kyra.  101 dog tricks: step by step activities to engage, challenge and bond with your dog.  (636.708 Sundance, K.)

    Woodward, Bob.  Fear: Trump in the White House.  (973.933 Woodward, B.)