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    New Fiction as of November 1, 2018

    Albert, Susan Wittig.  The Darling Dahlias and the poinsettia puzzle.

    Albom, Mitch.  The next person you meet in heaven.

    Andrews, Donna.  Lark! The herald angels sing.

    Balson, Ronald.  The girl from Berlin.

    Beaton, M.C.  The dead ringer.

    Bolton, Sharon.  The craftsman.

    Brett, Simon.  A deadly habit.

    Carlson, Melody.  A Christmas by the sea.

    Chamberlain, Diane.  The dream daughter.

    Childs, Laura.  Glitter bomb.

    Copperman, E.J.  Bird, bath, and beyond.

    Cornwell, Bernard.  War of the wolf.

    Davids, Patricia.  The Amish Christmas letters.

    Fluke, Joanne.  Christmas cake murder.

    Forsyth, Frederick.  The fox.

    Francis, Felix.  Crisis.

    French, Tana.  The witch elm.

    Galbraith, Robert.  Lethal white.

    Gray, Shelley Shepard.  His promise.

    Greer, Andrew Sean.  Less.

    Grisham, John.  The reckoning.

    Haines, Carolyn.  A gift of bones.

    Harris, Charlaine.  An easy death.

    Henderson, Dee and others.  The cost of betrayal.

    Henry, Patti Callahan.  Becoming Mrs. Lewis.

    Hilderbrand, Elin.  Winter in paradise.

    Hunt, Laird.  In the house in the dark of the woods.

    James, Miranda.  Six cats a slayin’.

    Johansen, Iris.  Vendetta.

    Kingsbury, Karen.  When we were young.

    Kingsolver, Barbara.  Unsheltered.

    Macomber, Debbie.  Alaskan holiday.

    Mallery, Susan.  Not quite over you.

    Mayor, Archer.  Bury the lead.

    McCoy, Sarah.  Marilla of Green Gables.

    Meier, Leslie.  Silver anniversary murder.

    Morton, Kate.  The clockmaker’s daughter.

    Murakami, Haruki.  Killing Commendatore.

    Owens, Delia.  Where the crawdads sing.

    Paretsky, Sara.  Shell game.

    Patterson, James.  Ambush.

    Perry, Sarah.  Melmoth.

    Picoult, Jodie.  A spark of light.

    Rice, Anne.  Blood communion.

    Rosenfelt, David.  Deck the hounds.

    Sandford, John.  Holy ghost.

    Shalvis, Jill.  Hot winter nights.

    Smith, Wilbur.  Courtney’s war.

    Sparks, Nicholas.  Every breath.

    Stoker, Dacre.  Dracul.

    Taylor, Patrick.  An Irish country cottage.

    Tracy, P.J.  The guilty dead.

    Unger, Lisa.  Under my skin.

    Woods, Stuart.  Desperate measures.


     New Fiction as of October 1, 2018

    Atkinson, Kate.  Transcription.

    Campbell, Michele.  She was the quiet one.

    Cleeves, Ann.  Wild fire.

    Coleman, Reed.  Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind.

    Cussler, Clive.  Shadow tyrants.

    Deveraux, Jude.  A willing murder.

    Feehan, Christine.  Dark sentinel.

    Graham, Heather.  Echoes of evil.

    Gross, Andrew.  Button man.

    Hamilton, Steve.  Dead man running.

    Harkness, Deborah.  Time’s convert.

    Hosseini, Khaled.  Sea prayer.

    Jance, J.A.  Field of bones.

    Johnson, Craig.  Depth of winter.

    King, Stephen, editor.  Flight or fright.

    Knausgaard, Karl Ove.  My struggle: book six.

    Koontz, Dean R.  The forbidden door.

    Krueger, William Kent.  The devil’s bed.

    Kubica, Mary.  When the lights go out.

    Mallery, Susan.  Why not tonight.

    McKinlay, Jenn.  Hitting the books.

    Munier, Paula.  A borrowing of bones.

    Patterson, James.  Juror #3.

    Pelecanos, George.  The man who came uptown.

    Perry, Anne.  Dark tide rising.

    Peterson, Tracie.  In times gone by.

    Sharer, Judy.  Settler’s life.

    Shteyngart, Gary.  Lake Success.

    Steel, Danielle.  In his father’s footsteps.

    Todd, Charles.  A forgotten place.

    Turtledove, Harry.  Through darkest Europe.

    Williams, Beatriz and others.  The glass ocean.