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    New Fiction as of May 1, 2019

    Baldacci, David.  Redemption.

    Burke, Alafair.  The better sister.

    Evanovich, Stephanie.  Under the table.

    Feeney, Alice.  I know who you are.

    Frank, Gareth.  The moment between.

    George, Nina.  The book of dreams.

    Gray, Shelley Shepard.  The patient one.

    Gudenkauf, Heather.  Before she was found.

    Hillerman, Anne.  The tale teller.

    Kingsbury, Karen.  Two weeks.

    Liardet, Frances.  We must be brave.

    McEwan, Ian.  Machines like me.

    Moyes, Jojo.  The peacock emporium.

    Patterson, James.  Miracle at St. Andrews.

    Patterson, James.  The 13-minute murder.

    Perry, Anne.  Triple jeopardy.

    Sandford, John.  Neon prey.

    Scottoline, Lisa.  Someone knows.

    Shipman, Viola.  The summer cottage.

    Smith, Wilbur.  King of kings.

    Toews, Miriam.  Women talking.

    Vanderah, Glendy.  Where the forest meets the stars.

    Verble, Margaret.  Cherokee America.


    New Fiction as of April 1, 2019

    Alexander, V.S.  The Irishman’s daughter.

    Bartz, Andrea.  The lost night.

    Benedict, Marie.  The only woman in the room.

    Bowen, Rhys.  The victory garden.

    Bowman, David.  Big bang.

    Braithwaite, Oyinkan.  My sister the serial killer.

    Chaney, JoAnn.  As long as we both shall live.

    Corry, Jane.  The dead ex.

    Daheim, Mary.  A case of bier.

    Dailey, Janet.  Letters from Peaceful Lane.

    Deveraux, Jude.  A justified murder.

    Dodd, Christina.  What doesn’t kill her.

    Faye, Lyndsay.  The Paragon Hotel.

    Fforde, Jasper.  Early riser.

    Finch, Charles.  The vanishing man.

    Finder, Joseph.  Judgment.

    Fluke, Joanne.  Chocolate cream pie murder.

    Foley, Lucy.  The hunting party.

    Freeman, Brian.  The crooked street.

    Gardner, Lisa.  Never tell.

    Graves, Sarah.  Death by chocolate malted milkshake.

    Greaney, Mark.  Mission critical.

    Grippando, James.  The girl in the glass box.

    Hannah, Sophie.  The next to die.

    Harper, Jane.  The lost man.

    Harper, Karen.  American duchess: a novel of Consuelo Vanderbilt.

    Hurwitz, Gregg.  Out of the dark.

    James, Marlon.  Black leopard, red wolf.

    Johnstone, William.  Cutthroats.

    Kellerman, Jonathan.  The wedding guest.

    Kinsella, Sophie.  I owe you one.

    Kleypas, Lisa.  Devil’s daughter.

    Leckie, Ann.  The raven tower.

    Letts, Elizabeth.  Finding Dorothy.

    Lipman, Elinor.  Good riddance.

    Lipsyte, Sam.  Hark.

    Lundberg, Sofia.  The red address book.

    Mallery, Susan.  California girls.

    Michaelides, Alex.  The silent patient.

    Modesitt, L.E.  Endgames.

    Moore, Scotto.  Your favorite band cannot save you.

    Okorafor, Nnedi.  Binti: the complete trilogy.

    Patterson, James.  The chef.

    Quinn, Kate.  The huntress.

    Reid, Iain.  Foe.

    Rice, Christopher.  Blood echo.

    Robb, J.D.  Connections in death.

    Sims, Laura.  Looker.

    Todd, Charles.  The black ascot.

    Winslow, Don.  The border.