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    June 2018

    Backman, Fredrik.  Us against you.

    Billingham, Mark.  The killing habit.

    Bond, Larry.  Arctic gambit.

    Brown, Dale.  The Moscow offensive.

    Brown, Rita Mae.  Probable claws.

    Brunstetter, Wanda.  The Hawaiian discovery.

    Butcher, Jim.  Brief cases.

    Carlisle, Kate.  Buried in books.

    Clinton, Bill and James Patterson.  The President is missing.

    Cohen, Jon.  Harry’s trees.

    Connolly, John.  The woman in the woods.

    Dailey, Janet.  My kind of Christmas.

    Dallas, Sandra.  The patchwork bride.

    Delinsky, Barbara.  Before and again.

    Feehan, Christine.  Judgment road.

    Giffin, Emily.  All we ever wanted.

    Graham, Heather.  Fade to black.

    Greenlaw, Linda.  Bimini twist.

    Groff, Lauren.  Florida: stories.

    Hilderbrand, Elin.  The perfect couple.

    Horowitz, Anthony.  The word is murder.

    Immergut, Debra.  The captives.

    Jackson, Lisa.  Liar, liar.

    James, Eloiza.  Too Wilde to wed.

    Johnstone, William.  Die by the gun.

    Kava, Alex.  Lost creed.

    King, Laurie R.  Island of the mad.

    Kingsbury, Karen.  To the moon and back.

    Martin, George R.R.  Low Chicago.

    Martin, George R.R.  Nightflyers and other stories.

    McLaughlin, James.  Bearskin.

    Millet, Lydia.  Fight no more: stories.

    Modesitt, L.E.  Outcasts of order.

    Murray, James.  Awakened.

    Oates, Joyce Carol.  Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense.

    Ondaatje, Michael.  Warlight.

    Palmer, Diana.  Unbridled.

    Paris, B.A.  Bring me back.

    Patterson, James.  Murder in paradise.

    Pearson, Allison.  How hard can it be.

    Preston, Douglas.  The pharaoh key.

    Putney, Mary Jo.  Once a scoundrel.

    Robards, Karen.  The Moscow deception.

    Runcie, James.  Sidney Chambers and the shadow of death.

    Shalvis, Jill.  Rainy day friends.

    Valmorbida, Elise.  The madonna of the mountains.

    Villareal, Raymond.  A people’s history of the vampire uprising.

    Walker, Martin.  A taste for vengeance.

    Ware, Ruth.  The death of Mrs. Westaway.

    Weisberger, Lauren.  When life gives you Lululemons.

    White, Kate.  Dreams of falling.

    Wiggs, Susan.  Between you and me.

    Woods, Stuart.  Turbulence.


    May 2018

    Allan, Barbara.  Antiques wanted

    Andrews, Mary Kay.  The high tide club.

    Atkins, Ace.  Robert B. Parker’s Old black magic.

    Balogh, Mary.  Someone to care.

    Bell, Ted.  Overkill.

    Blundell, Judy.  The high season.

    Buckley, Christopher.  The judge hunter.

    Connolly, John.  He.

    Cussler, Clive.  The gray ghost.

    Denton, Lauren.  Hurricane season.

    Dolnick, Ben.  The ghost notebooks.

    Evans, Richard Paul.  The forgotten road.

    Freeman, Brian.  Alter ego.

    Hall, Araminta.  Our kind of cruelty.

    Huber, Anna Lee.  A brush with shadows.

    Iggulden, Conn.  The abbot’s tale.

    Kendig, Ronie.  Fierian.

    Kepler, Lars.  The Sandman.

    King, Stephen.  The outsider.

    Koontz, Dean.  The crooked staircase.

    Koryta, Michael.  How it happened.

    Kushner, Rachel.  The Mars room.

    McLain, Paula.  Love and ruin.

    Molloy, Aimee.  The perfect mother.

    Monroe, Mary Alice.  Beach house reunion.

    Nesbo, Jo.  Macbeth.

    Patterson, James.  The 17th suspect.

    Powers, Kevin.  A shout in the ruins.

    Pronzini, Bill.  Give - A - Damn Jones.

    Quick, Amanda.  The other lady vanishes.

    Rachman, Tom.  The Italian teacher.

    Roberts, Nora.  Shelter in place.

    Sittenfeld, Curtis.  You think it, I’ll say it.

    Tapper, Jake.  The Hellfire Club.

    Thomas, Rosie.  Daughter of the house.

    Thompson, Victoria.  Murder on Union Square.

    Toutonghi, Steve.  Side life.