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    2019 Game Night Calendar Available Download Here
    Gaming Groups Are Invited to Attend!

    Gamers Choice... You Get to Choose!

    New year, new games, new friends... Same Game Night, but what are you missing?  The previous year brought in a lot of new games for everyone to enjoy as well as a Xbox One! What else did we add to our collection?

    Xbox One

    • Final Fantasy XV - Your kingdom has fallen and family missing.  Can you make your way home and take it back?
    • Star Wars Battlefront - Immerse yourself in your Star Wars battle fantasies.
    • Titanfall 2 - Pilot and Titan unite as never before! Explore the unique bond between man and machine.
    • Halo, The Master Chief Collection - Relive the original mission as Master Chief battles the Covenent.
    • Halo 5 - An unstoppable force threatens the galaxy unless the Master Chief can be found...
    • Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare - Welcome to 2054. The world is in chaos and its up to you to bring it back from the brink.

    Board Games

    • Pandemic - You and your team must collect and research new strains of virus and bacteria and save the world from these rampaging illnesses.
    • Castle Panic Expansions - Protecting your castle was hard before.  Now, you must use mage magic to defeat a new set of rampaging monsters.

    Card Games

    • Expanded - More Cards means more comedic monsters, goofy weapons and ... ducks?  Can you compete against your friends and reach level 10 first?

    Have a Voice!!!

    This is your gaming experience.  You should have a say in what you want to play.  Check out the Facebook page and sign up to hear about new events and activities.  Discuss games and ideas with your friends and maybe even setup an event or tournament!  Help setup a group to talk to library and get your ideas known.  Game Night is for you, so tell us what you want!  If there is something you want, work with the library to make it happen.

    Gaming Groups Wanted

    Do you enjoy playing large scale games, but don't have the players or location to play them?  Enjoy Roleplaying games, but need a party?  Already got a group, but no one wants to host at their place?  Your local library can help!  The monthly game night is now open to gamer groups, young and old.  We have plenty of space and tables, so come and enjoy a night of:

    Want to start up a monthly group?  Here is a good way to do it.  Bring your games, bring your friends and we will let your imaginations take flight.



    Volunteers Wanted

    The Game Night is looking for volunteers who would like to assist in the operation of the Game Night. If you have students that participate in the event or you just want to help the community, the event can use assistance with event operation, setup and/or tear down, advertising, food deliver/preparation, donation collection, & etc. Anyone wishing to help or wanting more information can contact Dale Aikens. For those of you that have helped in the past, from all of us at the library and the students attending... Thank You.

    Questions or Comments

    For more information on the information on this page or on any of the teen/tween events, you can contact Dale Aikens at the Warren Library. We are open to all comments and suggestions and any assistance and/or event ideas would be greatly appreciated.