Warren Library PC Setup January 2015


  1. Initial Setup
      1. Create Username: setup
      2. No password
  2. Disable Sleep & Hibernate (Save as & Run)
  3. Let machine burn-in for at least 24 hours, no more than a week.


Basic Setup
  1. Uninstall Extra Software
      1. Toolbars (Google, Norton, Ask, etc...)
      2. Distributer Software (Lenovo, Dell, HP...)
      3. Remove Antivirus & Security Software (Norton, AVG, Spybot, EZ-Firewall... )
      4. Remove special networking software (If Installing new adapter.)
  2. Windows Updates
      1. Look for KB2647753 and install first
      2. After KB2647753 is installed or if it is not available, install remain updates
      3. After all updates are installed, turn Automatic Updates to alert only.
  3. Install hardware
      1. Network Interface Controller (NIC)
      2. Video Drivers
      3. Memory Cards
      4. Hard drives/Additional Storage Devices
      5. Other...


  1. Create Domain User Account with Administrator Privileges
      • STAFF: First Name Initial + Last Name + "@warrenlibrary.org"
      • PUBLIC: "public@warrenlibrary.org


Software and Driver Installs - ALL COMPUTERS
  1. Adobe Reader
  2. Adobe Flash
  3. Adobe Shockwave
  4. Oracle Java                Test Java Install
  5. Install Printers:
  6. Microsoft Office
      • PUBLIC: Exclude OUTLOOK
  7. Logmein Client
      • Type the name for the machine and confirm link
      • Do NOT use proxy for Logmein Client during install.
      • If you need to update, download logmein.msi.
  8. (Obsolete) Registery Commands (Save as & Run)


Windows 7 Public Installs Windows 7 Staff Installs


Finalize Setup

  1. Add Desktop Icons for nessessary Programs
      • Microsoft Office
      • Web Browsers
      • Printer Icons
      • Special Website Icons
  2. (Obsolete) Setup Restore Point
  3. Install Machine to Physical Location
  4. Start Machine and confirm proper startup and login procedures
  5. Final Check of all settings and configurations
  6. Enable Security and Reboot Machine.


  1. Document Computer Stats
    1. CPU-Z
    2. Belarc Advisor
  2. Add machine to Warren Database and Barcode Machine