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    Library Events

    Trivia Quiz Night @ the Library
    Slater Room

    We are pleased to announce that Trivia Night will continue on an every-other-month schedule. The dates for these 1st Monday of the month events for the year 2018 are: February 5, April 2, June 4, August 6, October 1 and December 3.  All the events will continue to be held in the Slater Room and will begin at 6:00 p.m. The maximum team size is 8 people per team with no minimum number of players. Teams that consist of people of various age brackets find this to be successful, but every combination of participants is welcome.  This event is a great opportunity for families, friends, co-workers and businesses to participate in some friendly competition. Popcorn, water and additional refreshments will be served. To register your team you may either submit the names and contact information for team members to the library in person, or by mailing the information to the library at 205 Market Street, or by emailing the information to trivia@warrenlibrary.org. Teams should register a minimum of 5 days before the event.

    The Rules:
    *No cell/smartphone or other outside information source.
    *Up to 8 people (physically present) per team. No minimum team size.
    *Every person at your table will be counted as part of your maximum team size. No one may be seated at a team table that is not a member of the team.  There will be a separate seating area for spectators.
    *Trivia Quiz night will consist of 10 rounds.
    *Each round will have a category or theme.
    *Each round will have 10 questions.
    *On the score sheet for Round 1, each team should estimate their final score (out of 100). If the
      final scores are tied. the team who estimated their final score most accurately will win.
    *The Trivia Quiz host will read each question aloud once. Teams should try to write down an 
      answer after each question.
    *At the end of each round, one member of your team will bring the answer sheet to the scoring
      table and pick up an answer sheet for the next round.
    *Before beginning the next round, the Trivia Quiz host will review the answers to the previous 
    *The graders will post the scores for the round on the whiteboard as they become available. You
      can track your score on your personal score sheet.
    *The team with the highest FINAL score will be awarded prizes at the conclusion of scoring the tenth round.