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    Got Books?

    Non-Fiction Books

    America's Test Kitchen Editors. Foolproof Preserving: A Guide to Small Batch Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Condiments & More (641.42 Foolproof)
    Andersen, Christopher. Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, & the Throne (941.085 Andersen)
    Anderson, Jean. Crisps, Cobblers, Custards & Creams (641.86 Anderson)
    Balcombe, Jonathan. What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Underwater Cousins (597 Balcombe)
    Beemer, Will. Learn to Timber Frame: Craftsmanship, Simplicity, Timeless Beauty (694.2 Beemer)
    Budd, Ann. New Directions in Sock Knitting (746.43 Budd)
    Cenziper, Debbie. Love Wins: The Lovers & Lawyers Who Fought the Landmark Case for Marriage Equality (B Obergefell)
    Cohen, Rich. The Sun & the Moon & the Rolling Stones (781.66 Cohen)
    Copeland, Cyrus. Off the Radar: A Father's Secret, A Mother's Heroism, & a Son's Quest (B Copeland)
    Darlington, Andre. The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Handcrafted Drinks (641.874 Darlington)
    Eckert, Carolyn. Your Idea Starts Here: 77 Mind Expanding Ways to Unleash Your Creativity (153.35 Eckert)
    Fine Homebuilding Editors. Framing Floors, Walls, & Ceilings (694.2 Framing)
    Flores, Dan. Coyote America: A Natural & Supernatural History (599.77 Flores)
    Gaiman, Neil. The View from the Cheapseats: Selected Nonfiction (814.54 Gaiman)
    Gilbert, Allison. Passed & Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive (155.9 Gilbert)
    Green, Peter. Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype & How to Navigate to a Healthy, Symptom Free Life (616.3995 Green)
    Humes, Edward. Door to Door: The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation (388 Humes)
    Interweave Presents Classic Crochet Blankets: 18 Timeless Patterns to Keep You Warm (746.434 Classic)
    Jackson, Katie. Hand-Built Indoor Furniture: 20 Step by Step Projects Anyone Can Build (684.1 Jackson)
    Klosterman, Chuck. But What If We're Wrong: Thinking about the Present As If It Were the Past (303.49 Klosterman)
    Marlborough, Max. Hand Drawn Lettering: Draw Print Paint (745.61 Marlborough)
    McKean, David. Suspected of Independence: The Life of Thomas McKean, America's First Power Broker (B McKean)
    Mitchell, Donald. Wampum (795 Mitchell)
    Mullett-Bowlsby, Shannon. Crochet Geometry: Geometric Patterns to Fit & Flatter (746.434 Mullett)
    Nico, Brooke. More Lovely Knitted Lace (746.482 Nico)
    Nicoletti, Cara. Voracious: A Hungry Reader Cooks Her Way Through Great Books (641.5 Nicoletti)
    1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (791.43 One)
    Paterson, Randy. How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use (158.1 Paterson)
    Petroski, Henry. The Road Taken: The History & Future of America's Infrastructure (388.1 Petroski)
    Popular Photography Editors. How to Photograph Everything (770 How)
    Reed, James. 101 Job Interview Questions You'll Never Fear Again (650.14 Reed)
    Roach, Mary. Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War (355.07 Roach)
    Scheidig, Hannah. Fascinators: 25 Stylish Accessories to Top Off Your Look (391.43 Scheidig)
    Shapiro, Emilie. How to Create Your Own Jewelry Line: Design, Production, Finance, Marketing & More (658.022 Shapiro)
    Sheldon, Kathy. Banners, Buntings, Garlands & Pennants: 40 Creative Ideas Using Paper, Fabric & More (745.5 Sheldon)
    Waal, Frans de. Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are (591.513 Waal)
    Wilder, Laura Ingalls. The Selected Letters of Laura Ingalls Wilder (B Wilder, L)
    Williams, Terry Tempest. The Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America's National Parks (338.78 Williams)
    Wong, James. Grow for Flavor (635 Wong)
    Worth, Robert. A Rage for Order: The Middle East in Turmoil, from Tahrir Square to ISIS (909.097 Worth)