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    Got Books?
    Fiction Books:

    Albert, Susan Wittig. The Darling Dahlias & the Silver Dollar Bush
    Alexander, Tamara. A Beauty So Rare (paperback)
    Barclay, Linwood. No Safe House
    Bowen, Rhys. Queen of Hearts
    Brown, Sandra. Mean Streak
    Cain, Chelsea. One Kick
    Cook, Thomas H. A Dancer in the Dust
    Cumming, Charles. A Colder War
    Daheim, Mary. Clam Wake
    Dailey, Janet. Texas True
    Doerr, Anthony. All the Light We Cannot See
    Garwood, Julie. Fast Track
    Goodkind, Terry. Severed Souls
    Goodwin, Daisy. The Fortune Hunter
    Gould, Emily. Friendship
    Griffin, W.E.B. Top Secret
    Hobb, Robin. Fool's Assassin
    Hood, Ann. An Italian Wife
    Hooper, Kay. Haunted
    Howorth, Lisa. Flying Shoes
    Hurwitz, Gregg. Don't Look Back
    Hyzy, Julie. Grace Against the Clock (paperback)
    Jackson, Lisa. Close to Home
    Joyce, Graham. The Ghost in the Electric Blue Suit
    Krueger, William Kent. Windigo Island
    Macomber, Debbie. Love Letters
    Maron, Margaret. Designated Daughters
    McCall Smith, Alexander. Sunshine on Scotland Street (paperback)
    McCullough, Colleen. Bittersweet
    Montefiore, Santa. Secrets of the Lighthouse
    Moriarty, Liane. Big Little Lies
    Murphy, Yannick. This Is the Water (paperback)
    Nevill, Adam. The House of Small Shadows
    O'Dell, Tawni. One of Us
    Patterson, James. Private Down Under (paperback)
    Penny, Louise. The Long Way Home
    Phillips, Susan Elizabeth. Heroes Are My Weakness
    Preston, Douglas & Lincoln Child. The Lost Island
    Robards, Karen. Her Last Whisper
    Quinn, Spencer. Paw and Order
    Rollins, James. The 6th Extinction
    Ross, Ann B. Etta Mae's Worst Bad Luck Day
    Rowell, Rainbow. Landline
    Sojourner, Mary. 29 (paperback)
    Tanenbaum, Robert. Fatal Conceit
    Todd, Charles. An Unwilling Accomplice
    Verdon, John. Peter Pan Must Die
    Vreeland, Susan. Lisette's List
    Weaver, Tim. Never Coming Back
    White, Randy Wayne. Haunted
    Woodroof, Martha. Small Blessings