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    Got Books?
    Fiction Books:

    Adler, Elizabeth. One Way or Another
    Andrews, Donna. Lord of the Wings
    Atkins, Ace. The Redeemers
    Balogh, Mary. Only a Promise (paperback)
    Barclay, Linwood. Broken Promise
    Bernieres, Louis de. The Dust That Falls from Dreams
    Bova, Ben. Power Surge
    Bowen, Rhys. Malice at the Palace
    Box, C.J. Badlands
    Brackston, Paula. Lamp Black, Wolf Grey (paperback)
    Brown, Sandra. Friction
    Cabot, Meg. Royal Wedding (paperback)
    Cameron, W. Bruce. The Dog Master
    Carr, Robyn. Wildest Dreams
    Castillo, Linda. After the Storm
    Castle, Jayne. Siren's Call (paperback)
    Chamberlin, Holly. Summer with My Sisters (paperback)
    Coffey, Billy. The Curse of Crow Hollow (paperback)
    Coulter, Catherine. Nemesis
    DeRosnay, Tatiana. A Paris Affair: Stories
    Diffenbaugh, Vanessa. We Never Asked for Wings
    Fairstein, Linda. Devil's Bridge
    Feehan, Christine. Earth Bound (paperback)
    Freeman, Kimberly. Evergreen Falls (paperback)
    Garlock, Dorothy. Twice in a Lifetime
    Gerritsen, Tess. Never Say Die
    Goodkind, Terry. The First Confessor
    Grafton, Sue. X
    Graham, Heather. The Forgotten
    Gregory, Philippa. The Taming of the Queen
    Griffin, W.E.B. Deadly Assets
    Hannah, Sophie. Woman with a Secret
    Hatcher, Robin Lee. Whenever You Come Around (paperback)
    Herriman, Nancy. No Comfort for the Lost (paperback)
    Hobb, Robin. Fool's Quest
    Hoffman, Alice. The Marriage of Opposites
    Hopkins, Ellen. Love Lies Beneath
    Huber, Anna Lee. A Study in Death
    Jackson, Shirley. Let Me Tell You
    James, E.L. Grey (paperback)
    Jenoff, Pam. The Last Summer at Chelsea Beach (paperback)
    Johansen, Iris. The Naked Eye
    Kava, Alex. Silent Creed
    Kellerman, Jonathan. The Murderer's Daughter
    Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Dragonbane
    Keyes, Marian. The Woman Who Stole My Life
    Kingsbury, Karen. Chasing Sunsets
    Kleypas, Lisa. Brown-eyed Girl
    Knight, Renee. Disclaimer
    Koryta, Michael. Last Words
    Lee, Harper. Go Set a Watchman
    Lowell, Elizabeth. Perfect Touch
    Macomber, Debbie. Silver Linings
    Mallery, Susan. Thrill Me
    Mansbach, Adam. The Devil's Bag Man
    Maron, Margaret. Long Upon the Land
    McCall Smith, Alexander. The Novel Habits of Happiness
    McLain, Paula. Circling the Sun
    McLaughlin, Emma. How to Be a Grown Up
    McMahon, Jennifer. The Night Sister
    Mehl, Nancy. Gathering Shadows (paperback)
    Meier, Leslie. Candy Corn Murder
    Michaels, Fern. Point Blank
    Moore, Christopher. Secondhand Souls
    Neggers, Carla. Keeper's Reach
    Palmer, Daniel. Constant Fear
    Paretsky, Sara. Brush Back
    Patterson, James. Alert
    Penny, Louise. The Nature of the Beast
    Peters, Ralph. Valley of the Shadow
    Quinn, Spencer. Scents & Sensibility
    Rankin, Ian. The Beat Goes On: The Complete Rebus Stories
    Reichs, Kathy. Speaking in Bones
    Reilly, Matthew. The Tournament
    Richards, Emilie. The Color of Light
    Robards, Karen. The Last Time I Saw Her
    Rosenfelt, David. Who Let the Dog Out
    Stradal, J. Ryan. Kitchens of the Great Midwest
    Tanenbaum, Robert K. Trap
    Thor, Brad. Code of Conduct
    Todd, Charles. A Pattern of Lies
    Tremayne, S.K. The Ice Twins
    Tripp, Ben. The Fifth House of the Heart (paperback)
    Turano, Jen. In Good Company (paperback)
    Turtledove, Harry. Bombs Away: The Hot War
    Viets, Elaine. Checked Out
    Vu Tran. Dragonfish
    Ward, J.R. The Bourbon Kings
    Weber, David. The Sword of the South
    Weiner, Jennifer. Who Do You Love
    Wiggs, Susan. Starlight on Willow Lake
    Willig, Lauren. The Other Daughter
    Wiseman, Beth. Her Brother's Keeper (paperback)
    Woods, Stuart. Naked Greed