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    Got Books?

    Fiction Books:

    Andrews, Mary Kay. The Weekenders
    Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity & the Buried Treasure
    Atkins, Ace. Robert B. Parker's Slow Burn
    Baker, Jo. A Country Road, a Tree
    Balogh, Mary. Only Beloved (paperback)
    Barr, Nevada. Boar Island
    Bond, Larry. Fatal Thunder
    Brown, Rita Mae. Tall Tail
    Clark, Marcia. Blood Defense
    Cleave, Chris. Everyone Brave Is Forgiven
    DeLillo, Don. Zero K
    Deveraux, Jude. The Girl from Summer Hill
    Estleman, Loren. Desperate Detroit & Stories of Other Dire Places
    Goldenbaum, Sally. Murder At Lambswool Farm
    Gutcheon, Beth. Death at Breakfast
    Haddon, Mark. The Pier Falls: & Other Stories
    Haigh, Jennifer. Heat & Light
    Haines, Carolyn. Rock-a-Bye Bones
    Hannah, Sophie. A Game for All the Family
    Harris, Charlaine. Night Shift
    Hill, Joe. The Fireman
    Howard, Linda. Troublemaker
    Jackson, Lisa. Revenge (paperback)
    Jordan, Neil. The Drowned Detective
    Kane, Andrea. The Murder That Never Was
    Kubica, Mary. Don't You Cry
    Laurens, Stephanie. A Buccaneer at Heart (paperback)
    Lippman, Laura. Wilde Lake
    Maberry, Jonathan. Kill Switch
    Martini, Steve. Blood Flag
    McCrumb, Sharyn. Prayers the Devil Answers
    McMillan, Rachel. The Bachelor Girl's Guide to Murder (paperback)
    Myers, Tamar. Tea with Jam & Dread
    Nappa, Mike. Annabel Lee (paperback)
    Patterson, James. 15th Affair
    Preston, Douglas. Beyond the Ice Limit
    Putney, Mary Jo. Once a Soldier
    Spillane, Mickey. The Big Showdown
    Starr, Mel. Ashes to Ashes (paperback)
    Steel, Danielle.
    The Apartment
    Sundin, Sarah. Anchor in the Storm (paperback)
    Thompson, Victoria. Murder in Morningside Heights
    White, Karen. Flight Patterns
    Whitehouse, Lucie. Keep You Close