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    Got Books?

    Fiction Books:

    Albert, Susan Wittig. Blood Orange
    Baldacci, David. The Last Mile
    Bass, Rick. For a Little While: New & Selected Stories
    Berry, Steve. The 14th Colony
    Brandage, Elizabeth. All Things Cease to Appear
    Carr, Robyn. What We Find
    Clark, Mary Higgins. As Time Goes By
    Daheim, Mary. Here Comes the Bribe
    Dobyns, Stephen. Is Fat Bob Dead Yet
    Dray, Stephanie. America's First Daughter (paperback)
    Graham, Heather. Flawless
    Grissom, Kathleen. Glory Over Everything
    Guskin, Sharon. The Forgetting Time
    Hadley, Tessa. The Past
    Hamilton, Jane. The Excellent Lombards
    Johansen, Iris. Hide Away
    Kessler, Kate. It Takes One (paperback)
    King, Laurie. The Murder of Mary Russell
    Mallery, Susan. Best of My Love
    McCall Smith, Alexander. The Revolving Door of Life
    McCoy, Sarah. The Mapmaker's Children (paperback)
    McKevett, G.A. Killer Reunion
    Meacham, Lila. Titans
    Michaels, Fern. Fast and Loose
    Michaels, Fern. No Safe Secret
    Miller, Linda Lael. Once a Rancher
    Morgan, Robert. Chasing the North Star
    Mosse, Kate. The Taxidermist's Daughter
    Myerson, Julie. The Stopped Heart (paperback)
    O'Brien, Edna. The Little Red Chairs
    Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Wardrobe
    Parr, Delia. The Midwife's Dilemma (paperback)
    Quick, Amanda. Til Death Do Us Part
    Quindlen, Anna. Miller's Valley
    Reeves, Virginia. Work Like Any Other
    Robards, Karen. Darkness
    Roberts, Nora. The Obsession
    Robotham, Michael. Close Your Eyes
    Rollins, James. War Hawk
    Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Inherits a Mess
    Sandford, John. Extreme Prey
    Scottoline, Lisa. Most Wanted
    Shankman, Helen. In the Land of Armadillos: Stories
    Sittenfeld, Curtis. Eligible
    Smith, Cote. Hurt People (paperback)
    Smith, Virginia. Renovating the Richardson (paperback)
    Smith, Wilbur. Predator
    Spillane, Mickey. Murder Never Knocks
    Sweeney, Cynthia. The Nest
    Swift, Graham. Mothering Sunday
    Thomas, Rosie. Iris and Ruby
    Turtledove, Harry. The House of Daniel
    Ward, J.R. The Beast
    White, Roseanna. The Reluctant Duchess (paperback)
    Winspear, Jacqueline. Journey to Munich
    Woods, Stuart. Family Jewels