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    Got Books?

    Fiction Books:

    Adams, Alice. Invincible Summer
    Adler, Elizabeth. The Charmers
    Bain, Donald. Margaret Truman's Deadly Medicine
    Barrett, Lorna. Title Wave
    Belfer, Lauren. And After the Fire
    Bell, David. Since She Went Away (paperback)
    Beverly-Whittemore Miranda. June
    Billingham, Mark. Die of Shame
    Blackwood, Grant. Tom Clancy Duty & Honor
    Bradford, Barbara Taylor. The Cavendon Luck
    Coonts, Stephen. Liberty's Last Stand
    Cussler, Clive. The Emperor's Revenge
    Dailey, Janet. Christmas on My Mind
    DeBoard, Paula. The Drowning Girls (paperback)
    DeMuriel, Oscar. The Strings of Murder
    Evanovich, Janet. The Pursuit
    Foye, Meghann. Meternity (paperback)
    Frank, Dorothea Benton. All Summer Long
    Furst, Alan. A Hero of France
    Giffin, Emily. First Comes Love
    Graham, Heather. Haunted Destiny
    Harvey, Michael. Brighton
    Hawley, Noah. Before the Fall
    Henderson, Dee. Traces of Guilt
    Hepworth, Sally. The Things We Keep
    Hilderbrand, Elin. Here's to Us
    Hulse, S.M. Black River (paperback)
    Kelly, Martha Hall. Lilac Girls
    Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Born of Legend
    King, Stephen. End of Watch
    Kleypas, Lisa. Marrying Winterborne
    Lackey, Mercedes. A Study in Sable
    Mackintosh, Clare. I Let You Go
    McMillan, Terry. I Almost Forgot about You
    McNear, Mary. The Space between Sisters (paperback)
    Meltzer, Brad. The House of Secrets
    Morley, Muriel. A Cottage in Akin (paperback)
    Mosley, Walter. Charcoal Joe
    Palmer, Daniel. Forgive Me
    Patterson, James. The Games
    Proulx, Annie. Barkskins
    Richards, Emilie. When We Were Sisters (paperback)
    Sefton, Maggie. Knit to Be Tied
    Thayer, Nancy. The Island House
    Thor, Brad. Foreign Agent
    Tremblay, Paul. Disappearance at Devil's Rock
    Tyler, Anne. Vinegar Girl
    Unger, Lisa. Ink & Bone
    Williams, Beatriz. A Certain Age
    Woods, Stuart. Dishonorable Intentions