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    Got Books?
    Fiction Books:

    Abbott, Jeff. Inside Man
    Adler, Elizabeth. Last to Know
    Andrews, Donna. The Good, the Bad & the Emus
    Atkins, Ace. The Forsaken
    Balogh, Mary. The Escape (paperback)
    Barrett, Lorna. Book Clubbed
    Beauman, Sally. The Visitors
    Blackstock, Terri. Distortion
    Bohjalian, Chris. Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands
    Box, C.J. Shots Fired: Stories from Joe Pickett Country
    Burke, James Lee. Wayfaring Stranger
    Carr, Robyn. The Promise (paperback)
    Castillo, Linda. The Dead Will Tell
    Clark, Marcia. The Competition
    Clement, Blaize. The Cat Sitter's Nine Lives
    Clements, Rory. Prince (paperback)
    Coble. Colleen. Seagrass Pier
    Coriell, Shelley. The Broken (paperback)
    Coulter, Catherine. Power Play
    Deveraux, Jude. For All Time
    Ellis, Mary. A Plain Man (paperback)
    Ellory, R.J. The Saints of New York
    Evanovich, Stephanie. The Sweet Spot
    Feehan, Christine. Air Bound (paperback)
    Garlock, Dorothy. Take Me Home
    Harkness, Deborah. The Book of Life
    Hatcher, Robin Lee. The Heart's Pursuit (paperback)
    Horowitz, Eli. The Silent History (paperback)
    Huber, Anna Lee. A Grave Matter (paperback)
    Iggulden, Conn. Stormbird
    Jackson, Lisa. Deserves to Die
    Jance, J.A. Remains of Innocence
    Jensen, Lisa. Alias Hook
    Johansen, Iris. Sight Unseen
    Kenyon, Sherrilyn. Born of Fury
    Koontz, Dean. The City
    MacNeal, Susan Elia. The Prime Minister's Secret Agent (paperback)
    Makkai, Rebecca. The Hundred Year House
    Mallery, Susan. Until We Touch (paperback)
    Mapson, JoAnn. Owen's Daughter
    Miller, Linda Lael. The Marriage Pact (paperback)
    Mills, DiAnn. Firewall (paperback)
    Moyes, Jojo. One Plus One
    Muller, Marcia. The Night Searchers
    Patterson, Richard North. Eden in Winter
    Pronzini, Bill. Strangers
    Racculia, Kate. Bellweather Rhapsody
    Richards, Emilie. No River Too Wide (paperback)
    Rivers, Francine. Bridge to Haven
    Rosenfelt, David. Hounded
    Siddons, Anne Rivers. The Girls of August
    Silva, Daniel. The Heist
    Spencer, Katherine. Harbor of the Heart
    Steel, Danielle. A Perfect Life
    Sweterlitsch, Thomas. Tomorrow & Tomorrow
    Thor, Brad. Act of War
    Turtledove, Harry. Last Orders: The War That Came Early
    Wiggs, Susan. The Beekeeper's Ball
    Williams, Beatriz. The Secret Life of Violet Grant
    Winspear, Jacqueline. The Care & Management of Lies
    Woods, Sherryl. Swan Point
    Woods, Stuart. Cut & Thrust
    Wyld, Evia. All the Birds, Singing