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    2016 Game Night Calendar Available Download Here
    Gaming Groups Are Invited to Attend!

    Gamers Choice... You Get to Choose!

    OK Gamers, Time to have a say in what happens at the Library.  I am looking to purchase some new games and I want to give you the chance to help me pick.  Wednesday, Oct 28, a new vote will be starting here.  You will be able to add any games you want to the list and voting will continue through November 26 (Thanksgiving).  There are a few restrictions:

    • The games must be appropriate for most ages.  Yes, I do look at ESRB Ratings and if a game is "REALLY" M or Ao, then it will not be considered.  Yes, we have permitted some M rated games, like Call of Duty & Halo, but I reserve the right to deny any game based on its ESRB rating.
    • I would prefer games that have multi-player options for the Xbox One.  The more people I can get on a console, the more space there is to play.
    • This is not limited to Xbox or PC Games.  Board, Dice and Card games are also acceptable.  Examples Library already has: Dungeoneer, Curse of Ashardalon, Lords of Waterdeep, Castle Panic, Dominion, etc.
    • Depending on the games selected, I will be picking games that get the highest vote count.  I will be giving special consideration to the type of games posted.  So if there are 10 Xbox Games and 2 Board games listed, I might choose the most popular Xbox Game and Board game.  So you board/dice/card gamers will have a chance to get what you want.

    The voting start will be announced at Game Night, Oct 28.  I will close the voting sometime on Black Friday (November 27) and review the choices.  Hopefully, the new games will be available for the December 23 Game Night.

    If there is enough participation, there may be a few drawings for individuals that participate in the voting, number depending on the number of participants, suggested games and game types.  More to be announced on this at a later date.

    Gaming Groups Wanted

    Do you enjoy playing large scale games, but don't have the players or location to play them?  Enjoy Roleplaying games, but need a party?  Already got a group, but no one wants to host at their place?  Your local library can help!  The monthly game night is now open to gamer groups, young and old.  We have plenty of space and tables, so come and enjoy a night of:

    Collectible Card Games

    • Magic the Gathering
    • Yu-Gi-Oh!
    • Pokemon
    • World of Warcraft TCG
    • Legend of the Five Rings

    Other Collectible Games

    • Dragon Dice
    • Warhammer 40k
    • Battletech
    • War Machine
    • HeroClix

    Roleplaying Games

    • Shadow Run
    • World of Darkness
    • Fate
    • Star Trek
    • Dresden Files

    Want to start up a monthly group?  Here is a good way to do it.  Bring your games, bring your friends and we will let your imaginations take flight.

    Volunteers Wanted

    The Game Night is looking for volunteers who would like to assist in the operation of the Game Night. If you have students that participate in the event or you just want to help the community, the event can use assistance with event operation, setup and/or tear down, advertising, food deliver/preparation, donation collection, & etc. Anyone wishing to help or wanting more information can contact Dale Aikens. For those of you that have helped in the past, from all of us at the library and the students attending... Thank You.

    Questions or Comments

    For more information on the information on this page or on any of the teen/tween events, you can contact Dale Aikens at the Warren Library. We are open to all comments and suggestions and any assistance and/or event ideas would be greatly appreciated.