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Gamers Choice... You Get to Choose!

Time to have a say in what happens at the Library.  We are looking to purchase some new games and want to give you the chance to help us pick.  A facebook vote is active and you will be able to add any games you want to the list! There are a few restrictions:

  • The games must be appropriate for most ages.  ESRB Ratings are used when reviewing these games.  We have permitted some M rated games in the past, like Call of Duty & Halo, but the library reserves the right to deny any games.
  • Multi-player games are prefered.  The more people that can get on a console, the more space there is to play.
  • This is not limited to Xbox or PC Games.  Board, Dice and Card games are also acceptable.  Examples Library already has: Dungeoneer, Curse of Ashardalon, Lords of Waterdeep, Castle Panic, & Dominion.
  • Depending on the games selected, the highest voted games will be picked.  There will be giving special consideration to the type of games posted.  So if there are 10 Xbox Games and 2 Board games listed, we might choose the most popular Xbox Game and Board game.  So you board/dice/card gamers will have a chance to get what you want.

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